Uganda 2016 / Day 1

It is my first day back at the hospital I love so much, and I’m already back in the swing of things! 

So many welcoming hugs and waves, lots of laughs, and even more hugs. These people truly know how to make me feel so loved!

This morning I made my way back to the office I sat in last summer, sat down to open my computer, and tears began to form. This place, this desk, is where so many memories were made for me last summer. I learned more about selflessness than I knew I needed to learn, I started relationships that lasted faithfully throughout this past year, and the corner of my heart that houses compassion grew ten times in this place. When I was able to gather my tears, and lift my chin up, I was only met by more tears. Last summer I colored on the dusty floor of our lobby with a little boy. We colored many pages in the minion coloring book I had brought, and a few hours after we finished there was a little knock on our office door. The little boy had brought me his coloring pages, and wanted me to keep them. I immediately taped them up above my desk, alongside the quote I am known for in this place, “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.” Guys, that dusty tape with those rainbow colored minions are still clinging to the wall above my desk. If anything says we missed you, those pages did.

This is where is gets crazy. I went to our chapel service at 8am that is a gathering of the hospital staff were we worship and sing worship songs. I was greeted by many ofter staff members there, and my heart almost exploded. A few minutes into the message, the pastor told us he wanted to show us a video. Guys, chills. The video was on discipleship, and it was a simply a short film of a man walking around talking. But in the background I thought I recognized the scenery. I thought to myself, “There's no way, but that looks like Kalas Village in Wilmore. That place looks like home!” I leaned over to tell our Executive Director, Tim, who was sitting next to me, and our eyes both widened. Sure enough, the next scene was shot in front of Estes Chapel. All the way over here in Mbale, my home was on the screen. What are the chances that of all of the videos our pastor could have chosen, he chose the one where my hometown was in the blurry background? Jesus is in the details, I can promise you that! 

After chapel I walked around for a while, taking photos and catching up with friends. It wasn't long before the afternoon rain rolled in and a refreshing breeze came with it. I didn't realize just how much I missed the rains here *cue Toto*. It has been a full day, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds!