About Me


I adore meeting new people, coffee dates, and being spontaneous. I’m always up for a glass of sweet tea, shooting during golden hour, sharing genuine laugher (the uncontrollable kind), and driving with no destination in mind. I enjoy roaming the streets of new places, eating fruit and making people laugh. I'm married to the most amazing man, and I am daily amazed that I get to be his wife! God's grace is my most favorite thing, and yet, it baffles me daily. I have a heart for international mission work, and long to aid in healing the broken places of our world through the talents that I have been blessed with. 

I think it's important that you know something more than a quick introduction about me. You need to know what fuels me passion for photography. I don't have a fairytale story about how I became a photographer, or whatever, and if we're being totally honest, I became a photographer by accident in high school. I started taking senior photos for fun, and it snowballed from there. But here we are, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else.

Community is my passion. If I could have majored in ‘loving people’ in college, you better believe I would have done it. I love hearing stories, and learning about what makes people tick. I love capturing new sights, couples in love, and moments that want to be remembered forever. I love words, and I love telling stories. However, I believe the best way to capture history is through my lens. I really hope we get to become friends, and I look forward to meeting you and getting to capture your story!